Monday, March 23, 2009

A quick update

Hello from across the pond! I would say Scotland or London but right now we are somewhere in the middle. We spent the past two days in London and are now taking a train up to Scotland for the continuation of our journey.  And a journey it has been!  

We pretty much saw London on hyper speed, taking two walking tours and plenty of self guided ones.  I brought my running shoes to work out but that has been 100% unnecessary given the amount of foot travel we have done!  

A smattering of things we have done/seen:
  • the Virgin Atlantic clubhouse...we spent a good 4 hours here while in New York waiting for our flight.  Many laughs and lots of fun (and lots of free food and drink)
  • a comatose trip across the Atlantic (thank you Ambien!)
  • the tube...I think we have spent enough time navigating this system to consider ourselves experts
  • Big Ben, Parliament, Westminster Abbey, Sting's House, Buckingham Palace, St. Paul's (where Princess Diana got married), London Tower, Tower Bridge, Crown Jewels, Ceremony of the Keys, Jack the Ripper tour, Prince Charles (we think)...that hardly begins to touch it but at least you get an idea of all of the running around.

There are so many little stories to tell (don't worry, Cayce is keeping a nice journal!) but the wifi on the train is extremely slow so I want to keep it short so it will actually upload!  

One quick note...the morning commute in London is CRAZY!  I thought there were a lot of cyclists in Boulder but it does not hold a candle to the insanity of London.  Plus, there are no bike lanes so it is a little sketchy!  There is also a large amount of motorcycle traffic in the city as well that behave like California motorcycles but, again, more sketchy with the weaving in and out of traffic.  Glad we weren't driving :)

Hopefully more to come but no guarantees!  (sorry, no pictures, with the wifi this slow it would take too long to upload...plenty when I return)

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