Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Napa. Packing. DIY.

We packed a lot into our three day weekend! So much it actually felt like a nice little vacation. Don't you love it when that happens?

Katie managed to swing another trip out to the Bay Area and of course we made another trip up to Napa. I took on my new role as designated driver and off we went!
Kate and me at Gloria.
Maxi dresses. God's gift to pregnant women (I am sure I will continue to echo this as I grow - I actually look bigger than I really am in this picture).

We actually stopped at a few new wineries and unfortunately Kate witnessed her first bad day of weather in Napa. It rained all afternoon but it didn't damper our fun and the skies parted just in time for dinner.
Rain in the distance from Joseph Phelps. It was actually very dramatic and pretty.
Our picnic at Montelena. Looks great but we were actually rushing as the storm was looming in the background.

Our Saturday itinerary:

  • Gloria Ferrer
  • Oakville Grocery to pick up sandwiches
  • Chateau Montelena (we made Kate watch Bottle Shock Friday night) - picnic
  • Mumm
  • Joseph Phelps
  • Redd for a glass of wine while we waited for dinner
  • Bottega - capped the night off with an early dinner
Sunday we got Kate off to the airport and headed down to Menlo Park to visit our new neighborhood. We strolled Santa Cruz street, drove by our cute house and then headed back to the city for a day of R&R. 

Of course, too much R&R makes my mind race with projects I need to start so Monday was filled with just that. We went to Menlo again to sign papers and made a stop at Home Depot on the way home. This place is going to be my new BFF. Why I have decided that two weeks before a move is the time to start DIY projects is beyond me. 

Current projects include:
  • Spray painting frames for my "wall o' stuff" in the new house (inspiration here)
  • Repaint the dresser that lives in our room that will become the baby's dresser/changing table
  • Packing
The frames were easy peasy but the dresser is going to be a chore. Katie Bower makes it seem so easy but getting nice smooth lines is something that is going to require a little practice. 
Frame before (we have a zillion of these).
A little spray paint.
and viola!
My helpers. Lola was dancing around in the garage with us too.
Matching paint swatches to the crib.
Test drawer painted with one coat. I will take a picture of the entire dresser before I go any further so we can see the before/after.
The doctor gave me to ok to paint as long as the area was well ventilated but we went ahead and got a few masks for me to wear just to be safe. I look hot!
I have also come up with one heck of a moving system. These movers don't know who they are dealing with! 
Each room will be color coded. Each box will have an index card indicating which room it belongs in. Of course I will also be writing what each box will contain. All furniture will also have an index card taped to it so the movers know just where to take it. Hopefully this makes it go smooth as silk!
Ok, time to get back to the working world. 17 week update coming up next.

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