Sunday, November 10, 2013

Apricot Retchless: Week 12

Hello, 12 week mark! Where on earth did this first trimester go? There was a fairly entertaining conversation that happened this week:

Scott: You know, the baby will be here SO fast.
Kristina: Yeah, after the holidays, it's January...
Scott: And then February, March, April, May
Kristina: And then baby is here!

This from two of my favorite people, drinking my favorite wine, while I guzzled my Diet Coke and gave them the stink eye. However, while in that moment I had every motivation to grab the wine bottle and take off running, I think they might be on to something. Time is flying and I have a feeling it is not going to slow down. I mean, my baby turns 2 tomorrow! (Or yesterday...a bit delayed in getting this post up)

Anyway, now that we are moving into "safe" territory by pregnancy standards, I am looking forward to a little more normalcy in my life. My hormones have had me an emotional wreck (I almost bumped into a cyclist while walking the dog and started crying) and I have had some serious bouts of feeling completely awful this past week. Hoping this next week we turn a corner and I get to start enjoying the glorious second trimester happys!

Other than the random hangover feeling, I feel pretty good. I am still a sucker for sweets, pizza, pasta, and animal crackers but I am committing to eating better starting next week whether it sounds good or not. This bod and baby need more veggies and overall well rounded meals.

Honestly, this week has been one big focus on getting ready for Noah's big birthday. I have already drafted a post that is pretty much a summary of his every move for the past year (i.e.-it's looooong) and I can't wait to share details of his special day. I'll break that into another post to spare you the eye fatigue from, he starts school next week so we have yet another important post coming up. 

Wait, this is supposed to be about pregnancy. Sorry, friends, more next week as we have our big NT ultrasound on Monday and I will be slightly less preoccupied by the events of my first born!

I opted for Black and White. Scott admitted to seeing the bump this week ;-). Grow baby, grow!

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