Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Cashew Retchless: Week 10

I am still debating doing the same fields that I did for my pregnancy with Noah. I recently put together Noah's book from my pregnancy (just a couple of years late!) and I realized that it got a little redundant and boring. So, for now, I am going to stick with random ramblings on how I feel and what this little baby is up to.
10 weeks and starting to expand. Scott will take over weekly pictures from here on (and hopefully Noah will be able to live without his mom for a few seconds!).

From afar...

Overall, I am starting to feel much better physically. The daily hangover now seems to be a once every 3-4 days occurrence and my energy seems to be coming back. My emotions are another story. With Noah, I was a complete lunatic the first three months. Poor Scott couldn't say anything without my pregnancy horns coming out and tears streaming down my face. This time around I have felt pretty even keil. If anything, I have felt more out of it than anything. I have become a bit klutsy and just kind of zone out from time to time. In the past week though the tears are threatening a resurgence and I seem to be growing more sensitive. Hopefully all short lived as we are closing in  on the second trimester.

In other news, Diet Coke is pretty much my favorite thing these days. If I am feeling "off" or having a slow day, my lunch time Diet Coke seriously makes everything better. I could drink 10 a day but I am sticking to one. However, while my non-alcoholic friend is wonderful, I could sure go for a GIANT glass of Cabernet. With Noah I craved a crisp Sauv Blanc, this time, red. Maybe it's the opposite seasons?

One thing I find myself thinking about a lot is Noah snuggles. When we flew home from St. Louis he was all over my lap and curled up watching shows. While I know we have a long way before my belly gets in the way of the best snuggler ever, I am already trying to soak up as much time with him as possible. One thing I am having to change already is the assaults to my abdomen that Noah gives me daily. He is constantly jumping, flopping, or flinging himself at me and we are having to have a few chats about where Baby is and how he can't jump on my belly.

Is it normal to already be getting up in the middle of the night to pee? The answer is yes, but I don't remember this happening until much later in my pregnancy last time. I think it also has something to do with the fact I drink most of my water at night since I have a hard time keeping up with hydration and a two year old.

Ultimately, I already feel like this pregnancy is flying. Maybe it's because we aren't being as protective with the news or it could have something to do with the aforementioned two year old. All of my attention is focused on Noah and I don't have much time to sit and day dream about what is going on in my uterus. Plus, already having everything we need for this baby makes it all a lot less stressful.

Speaking of sharing the news...we saw the doctor again this past week and feel immensely better. It is amazing what a difference 3 weeks made in this baby's development. It went from a smudge to a wiggling little person with a super strong heartbeat. Our uneasiness after our last visit is quickly vanishing and the excitement is really starting to set in!
Looking good at 10 weeks!

Until next time...

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Kristina said...

I'm loving pregnant Steph! The blog is back in full swing and I have lots to read now. You should really consider a couple more babies ;-)