Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Lime Retchless: Week 11

News for week 11 (Written November 1):
Biggest news this week is that we shared our news with the world! Carving the pumpkins was so much fun and the response was amazing!
Sweets cravings - Holy moly! I have never in my life craved sweets like I am with this little Lime! Every night after dinner I want a GIANT piece of cake. With Noah, I had a bit of a sweet tooth, but this is a whole different level. The other night I even let Scott make a 9:30pm run to Safeway for some ice cream cake! This is completely unheard of for me...both the want for cake, and the actual giving in to the craving. Scott loved the chance to make a run for me as it was his first official pregnancy craving run (I never caved with Noah). Hopefully, it will also be his last as I threw away half of the cake and hopefully won't have another completely weak moment! I would also really like some Pop Tarts...seriously, who am I?!

Weight update - Cake, pizza, pasta, animal crackers. That pretty much sums up my food groups currently. Somehow, I am only up 1 pound so far though. Sometimes it feels like a lot more as I am definitely starting to get a little bump, but I am still very comfortably in my normal clothes and the scale says so far so good (wouldn't it be great if instead of a number the scale actually said that?!).

Activities - This weekend Noah and I attended our friend's annual Halloween party! Noah was 100% not interested in wearing a costume at this point. We tried a lion and The Cat in the Hat and you would have thought I was trying to put him in a straight jacket. So, I threw in the towel and let him wear his skeleton PJs...he's two and we have a lot of years to wear costumes!

Last year I gladly donned the PCH cheerleading uniform (well, with a little liquid courage!)...
This year it just felt a bit claustrophobic so I pulled another relic out of the official sweatshirt. Any bets on next year? Maybe retire the red, black & white?!
My cute little skeleton.
We also managed to squeeze the real Halloween into this week! With the use of  a lot of M&Ms we were able to get the little one into his actual costume and it was worth every second of the sugar high! We had such a fun night with great friends Trick or Treating. It really is amazing how much more fun holidays are with a little one. It is a different kind of fun than the pre-kids days, but it is truly magical to watch your little one take his first walk up a driveway to get his candy all by himself (last year he was walking but definitely didn't understand the concept)! 

Oh, this face. Like I said, worth every M&M!
A few more M&Ms did the trick for the face paint (which he actually loved).
After his very first house (we hadn't gotten the hat back on post car ride, but please note the Tootsie Roll Pop he scored...)
Sucker open...hat on! Candy for the win! He worked that thing over the entire time he was trick or treating and completely forgot the hat was on.
And marched right up for more candy! It was an amazing night.
But, back to pregnancy...Overall, I feel pretty good! My energy is coming back and the "hangover" has cooled off to, maybe, once a week. I have even been able to start doing push ups on my toes again at Bar Method (this is my bench mark for fitness these days).

We have started the process of the major first trimester screening (blood draw and NT ultrasound) so in the coming weeks we should have some great new pictures of Baby #2. And, fingers crossed, maybe a hint at the sex! 

Ok, picture time. It's funny, the past two weeks it seemed this little belly was popping. Then, this week, it went away! Oddly enough, the same thing happened last time. I think, in reality, my rib cage area is just filling out to be even with the rest of my waist. It is actually my favorite stage (other than a nice round kicking/punching baby bump) and once again, my favorite picture so far! 

I am having some issues deciding what to do with these pictures. Since Noah, Instagram was invented, and now the ability to mess with my photos is, seemingly, endless! 

The original. Next week I'll clean up the surrounding area a bit! Also, notice how there is a plant on one side and not on the other? That would be because Mr. Noah thought pulling it down on top of his head would be a fun way to end an evening! Not.Cool.
Instagramed...I think it makes me look a bit like an Oompa Loompa. Plus, if I commit to this filter, all of them have to be this way, right? #firstworldproblems
Less Oompa..a little more natural...
Toying with the notion of Black and Whites this time around. I kind of like the idea of not having to be crazy annoyed with bad light or bad make up days.
Any thoughts/opinions? The good news is I will always have the originals to go back to so I can't really screw it up. Wow, this is long until week 12!

*We are all caught up now so I will be doing weekly pregnancy updates and hopefully some other fun posts here and there. Being back in the swing of it, I realized how much I really liked documenting out life here! 

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