Thursday, November 14, 2013

First Day of School

I know, I still owe you a birthday party post. But, I am just so excited about Noah's first (and second) day of school that I had to get this one up first. 

While I will not share publicly where Noah goes to school, I will say that we made the decision based on the fact that the school has a 2s program and has a rolling start so he was able to start right after his second birthday even though classes actually began in September. So, while we found our school by default, it has turned out perfectly. Of course, we liked the curriculum and staff too!!

The few days before Noah actually started school we talked about it a lot. We got his new shoes and talked about his "school shoes" a lot. I don't think there were any major surprises going in to the big day, but I was definitely still nervous. Of course, there were the obligatory first day of school pictures:
First Day of School, 2013!
Scott came along for drop off the first day and we learned the lesson that being early for preschool does no one any good. The teachers don't open the doors until exactly 9am so we were left in the hallway for a good 10 minutes. Noah got a little clingy during this time as the other kids were starting to fill the hall and the energy became a little hectic (parents must walk all kids in so there were a lot of people around). We did see some familiar faces from gymnastics and soccer which was great though! 

Finally, the big moment came and it was time for Noah to go in. He walked in, saw some PlayDoh, and that was it. I asked for a kiss and he obliged (Dad, too) and then headed straight back to his craft. At that point, all that was left was for us to leave. 

It was all fairly anti climactic. There were no tears and no phone calls (by either the school, or Mom!). I was definitely anxious as I drove away. It is odd to spend pretty much every waking moment with your son for 2 years and then suddenly leave him in someone else's hands without knowing his every move! Add to that that he doesn't really talk and there is really no telling what he does all day! We got an agenda so we have some clue, but never get a lot of additional information from our little guy. 

The important part is that he loves it at school. When I picked him up on Tuesday he was happily participating in story time and had the biggest smile when I went in to get him. 
My mom came up with the idea for the P. I will have one for each grade he enters and I added the chalkboard paint so I could write the year. Unfortunately, Noah+chalk=smudges. I imagine as he gets older we'll have better luck!

I figured Thursday would be the big test as he knew what to expect and could react with some historical knowledge. We pulled in the parking lot and I started hearing, "school, school, school"! We were early so I made the decision to just let him play in the car versus the hallway scenario. Nope...he wanted "out. school.". He was ready for his second day and headed in without a second thought! 

The only funny thing that I have found is that each day when I have picked him up he has a cow puppet in hand. He shows it to me very excitedly each day but then gladly puts it away before we go home. Something tells me it might be a bit of a security thing that he likes to hold on to. Seems like age appropriate behavior (especially starting a new school) and I appreciate that the teachers just go with it and let him have it. 

Also, today was picture day (I know...could it get any cuter?!). I didn't have high hopes for him actually smiling, but got him all dolled up anyway. Side note, watching parents get their kids ready for school on picture day is hilarious. There was more face wiping, hair brushing, straightening of clothes than I could imagine (of course, I participated as well!). Turns out, he would absolutely not sit for a picture. His teacher recommended I take him down for another try and I got the exact same reaction. He wanted nothing to do with the picture man. So, what's a mom to do? Remember Halloween? M&Ms for the win. Again. 

Picture taken. School loved. Win. Win. Win. 
He definitely wasn't sure why I wanted him to stand in front of the door with that P!
Can't wait to see all his little mind learns this year! I'm sure I'll share more funny school stories as we go but I am just so happy that this is going so well. It truly is great for everyone. I can get so much done, including my work out, freeing up my time with Noah for real quality time, and my evenings for pure family time. Again, win. 

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