Tuesday, June 7, 2011

18 Week Update

How Far Along: 18 week (+1 day)

Size of Baby: Size of a bell pepper (and the baby's "home" is the size of a cantaloupe...an interesting combination). 

Total Weight Gain/Loss: 6 pounds? Another weigh in next week.

Maternity Clothes:  Still kicking in pre-pregnancy pants. I'm secretly hoping overalls make a resurgence over the next six months...what great pregnancy clothes would that be?!

Movement: I think so? I have been moving around like a crazy person lately so the only real time I have to evaluate this is when I am going to bed. Last night I think I felt the baby but need a few more consistent feelings to be confident! 

Symptoms: Feeling pretty good this week. I have noticed that my legs, feet and back fatigue/get sore much faster. I'm pretty sure packing the house doesn't constitute normal day-to-day activity so I am not terribly surprised but this is definitely a first. An hour on my feet feels like 8 hours pre-pregnancy. 

What I Miss: Lifting boxes. I feel like a nag and wimp asking Scott to place my boxes in the correct place once they are packed. Scott has been a trooper making sure they all get stacked with the index card facing out and in the proper sorting area. 

Girl or Boy: We'll find out on June 17th.

Belly button In or Out: Innie

Stretch Marks: Nope. 

Cravings: Remember that cereal craving? Ta da! There are four more flavors in the pack too. I told Scott he can have anything except my Lucky Charms. There will be bodily harm if anyone gets between me and the marshmallow goodness. Not much else to report in the food department. I need to eat more vegetables and intend to make this a priority.
Best Moment This Week: Feeling the baby moving (maybe?). 
Holy hair. Note to self: wash/brush hair before weekly picture.

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