Saturday, June 11, 2011

Saturday randoms

We are moving. But you already knew that. We officially closed on the house this week and are bona-fide homeowners. Very exciting but also a bit surreal. We took a load of odds and ends to our house and it definitely hasn't sunk in that not only will we be living there but we OWN it. 

What this means for weekend plans...packing. Not going to be a very exciting weekend update this week as all the pictures are going to be a lot of this:
This was three days ago. There are now two beds and lots more boxes flanking the living room.
 So, I will share a couple other really random items:
Look what I found! They're coming back...I can feel it.
A bonus belly shot for the week. 18 weeks, 5 days. 
My parents arrive next week for some moving fun. Do you think they'll enjoy their accommodations?
Don't worry, it's only for one night! We'll put the bed back together in its new home the next day.
Alright, I think I have procrastinated enough. Back to packing!

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