Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Dolce Far Niente

The sweetness of doing nothing. Also, Dolce is a dessert wine that is an instant transport to heaven, made by Far Niente in Napa. Either way you look at it, it is a great line. It is also something that I need to learn how to do. On days when there is no agenda and I could spend the day freely idling away on the couch I beat myself up. Something inside of me forces me off the couch and off on an errand or house cleaning/organizing/DIY project. I need to learn to stop. And now more than ever. As you will see below and in the post to follow things have been anything but relaxing around here and frankly, I am ready for a break. Anyone want to pay for my ticket to Hawaii? Oh, and I'd like to bring my husband so please make that two tickets...and a throw in a dog sitter.

So, without further ado, here is the quick and dirty run down of all that has been going on:

1. Scott was out of town for a week prior to the move. In fact, he landed the night after the movers had come and gone and drove from the airport to our new house. And yes, I knew he was going to be gone when scheduling the move. He helped me get all the heavy stuff packed up before he left and wanted to do more but I wasn't willing to pack my kitchen a week before the move ;-). 
Duncan St. all packed up and ready to go. 

2. We are moved. Thanks to my parents who flew in to help lug boxes, this place is in tip top shape. A few items remain to be hung or purchased but there is NOTHING left to be unpacked. The movers came on Friday and by Saturday morning we were 100% unpacked. There are still frames to be hung and rugs to be purchased but we are fully moved in and set up.
That's A LOT of collapsed cardboard. Anyone moving and need some boxes?!

Being pregnant gets you out of mirror hanging activities ;-).

3. In the midst of the unpacking, organizing, hauling final bits and pieces from SF to Menlo, we squeezed in an ultrasound. This was the mack daddy 20 week ultrasound with about 100 different measurements taken. And now for the really exciting's R is a BOY! More on this in my 20 week post coming up next.

4. I am obsessed with our new house. I have spent as much time as possible outside in the SUMMER sunshine. It really feels like home and I am enjoying having a true taste of summer weather again. I even broke down and turned on the a/c this week. What a nice change from foggy, windy, cold "summers".

A backyard preview shot with our new table and fire pit chairs. It also doubles as my at home office. Not too shabby!

4. The pomeranians are adjusting. Arnold had a little trouble when we were packing up the old house but settled in great here. Lola is a nut and is taking a bit longer but as long as we are around she is one happy dog.

5. I wrote #4 before yesterday when things took a turn for the not-so-great in the land of fur babies. Scott came home to find Arnold in pain and not using his back right hip. Yep, the other one. I was just bragging about how good his left hip had recovered and down went the right. Needless to say, not good news.
Arnold looking longingly at the backyard.

This morning I woke up to find Lola also hobbling around. (seriously?!) Her front AND back right legs seem to be bothering her although not nearly as severely as AP's.
My sleeping little patient.

As a result of these injuries the entire Retchless clan is rapidly trying to put into practice Dolce Far Niente! That, and some new rugs. Pomeranian legs just aren't built for hardwood so we are going to take a much needed Ikea trip to try and eliminate future leg mishaps for our furry little friends.

5. I discovered maternity clothes. I have to admit, I was having a little trouble embracing the changes in my body. Emily, over at Daily Garnish, did a post on this and pretty much nailed the way I was feeling. She did a follow up post about how some good maternity clothes solved her problem so I decided it couldn't hurt to try. WHAT A DIFFERENCE. I have never enjoyed shopping so much or been so happy with my purchases. I am not sure that Scott will ever get me out of elastic waisted pants though, they are great!

6. Top all of that with work, bills, a social life, and some odds and ends that need to be tied up back in the city and we are officially tapped out. Aside from the pomeranians health issues all of the above are great things to have causing us stress. We are extremely fortunate to have our new home, our little boy growing perfectly, each other and beautiful weather. Our "burdens" are blessings, just a bit overwhelming all at once.

If you are still reading this, check back in a bit for the 20 week update!

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