Thursday, June 30, 2011

All Dressed Up

It's finished! My second DIY piece of furniture. This time I had some help from my wonderful husband though. Let me tell you, two people armed with paint brushes makes things go MUCH faster. Especially when you are dealing with primer, paint, 9 drawers and some pretty tiny detailing. 

Scott and I set out on Saturday armed with all the necessary supplies (and then some...our driveway looked like a Home Depot paint aisle). It ended up only taking us 2-3 hours to complete our masterpiece and we are really happy with the results. 

So, without further ado...

Not the most gorgeous before unmade "bed" on the floor in the foreground isn't exactly great framing.


I have no step by step pictures for you (I will get better at the documenting, promise) but the process was relatively easy...sand the rough spots, prime the whole thing, paint the trim/more detailed portions, paint the rest. We only needed one coat of paint in most places. Being new to primer I will have to say it is my new favorite thing. Makes the job go MUCH faster even with an extra step in the beginning. 

We were originally going to change the pulls out completely as these are admittedly a bit "antiquey" but due to that same "antiquey" fact we were not successful in our pull quest. The holes are a very odd length apart and we couldn't find anything that would work as a replacement. Sure, we could fill them, paint them, and drill new holes but that sounded a little bit ambitious for two novice DIYers. So it was off to the spray paint aisle. We bought a can of brown and one of kelly green. More on the baby's room/vision soon but the main colors in the room are going to be navy, brown, and white with kelly green accents. We figured at $3 a can we could afford to try the bold color. Alas, it worked and we love it! It works great for a nursery and it makes us excited to put the rest of the room together for our little man. 

And just a little bonus...this is a gift from my client The Monterey Bay Aquarium. Isn't he cute? 

Next up...painting Baby R's walls.

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