Friday, June 24, 2011


**A prize goes to anyone who can actually get through this after the 15th time I say the word balls.

Yep. Balls. This is indeed meant to be a double entendre today. Balls as in, crap, and balls as in Arnold has none. Specifically in his hips...he came to terms with the loss of his other balls a long time ago. Or maybe not since he still gets called "she" on a regular basis by none other than his Grandma. Poor little guy. 

Anyhow...why did Arnold lose more balls? Tuesday was the first day that Scott and I were both away from the house for any extended period of time since moving in. Of course, AP wasted no time in keeping things interesting. As I noted in a previous post, he hurt his OTHER hip. We were hoping it had simply luxated and was back in place, just needing a little R&R. 

Deep down I knew this was not the case but I waited a full day before heading off to the vet. After some x-rays the diagnosis came as no surprise-ball out of socket. It was out and wasn't going back in without medical intervention. 

Off to the orthopedic surgeon we went (I think he is trying to rival me for most orthopedic procedures...for my sanity and wallet, I hope he lets me win). She said he could put his hip back in place and we could all pray to the ball Gods that it stayed in and didn't continue to luxate. After Hip #1 I wasn't feeling too optimistic (quick refresher...AP's other hip came out 3 times before we finally lobbed off his ball) so we discussed options. In the end, we opted to make Arnold a ball-less pomeranian and have an FHO done on this hip as well. 

Arnold has impeccable timing with his injuries (wedding, move, happy hour) and something told me if we didn't fix this thing once and for all it was bound to get hurt again right around Baby R's arrival. So, AP was carted into surgery yesterday afternoon for a hip-ball-ectomy. 

He is now home and resting comfortably (a nice change from the crying and squealing he was doing earlier in the week). There is a small part of me that feels we should have tried putting this puppy back in place before this surgery, but the bigger part of me feels we made the right decision.
AP recovering here at home.

So now we begin the road to recovery, complete with at home PT and a lot of rest. Luckily, resting comes easy for the laziest pomeranian in the world. 

If anyone is looking to throw up a few prayers we could use some to the insurance Gods. I would really like to see some nice reimbursement checks from the pet insurance people! Also, no one has offered up my trip to Hawaii yet...we are still open to that generosity. 

Ok, enough of my cynicism and Arnold's balls. Time to kick off a much needed relaxing weekend!

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