Monday, June 6, 2011

June Zoom

Ah the life and times of Scott and Stephanie. June has started off, and will continue to move, at a lightning fast pace. But then again, what part of our life hasn't been this way?

This past week we pretty much dotted all the I's and crossed all the T's for the house! We are on schedule to get keys later this week. Add to all the house stuff work and packing and things get a little crazy.

Friday we were supposed to have friends over for dinner but ended up canceling and opting for a night planted on the couch. Not the best host etiquette but considering we said all of 4 words to one another I don't think we would have been very much fun. Also, I am not sure our guests would have been terribly impressed with the baby's craving for brats and chips/french onion dip. 

Saturday we had a marathon day planned. It began with a trip south for brunch at Tommy and Cort's. We weren't able to get our dinner group together for dinner this month so we opted for a brunch instead. It was really nice to see everyone and we got to see all the kids, too! It is amazing how much they change when don't see them for an entire season.

Speaking of, Winter is such a funny time. Everyone kind of hermits away and does their own thing until Spring breaks. Of course the Bay Area is having delayed onset Spring/Summer but it seems that we are all starting to come out of our hovels and grace one another with our presence again. Looking forward to the months ahead. 

I digress. After brunch there were obligatory naps and then we got all gussied up for Michelle's 30th Birthday Bash! As always it was great to see the Retchless Family and catch up. Only problem with the party was that it was at the Cigar Bar. The Cigar Bar is exactly what it sounds like. An establishment where people can smoke, smoke, smoke. It was pretty bearable until the salsa band started and the crowds showed up. I unfortunately had to pull the old pregnant lady card and get me and baby out of there (Scott too). Luckily it was late (10:30, past my bedtime) so it was a good time to head home. 
Scott and the birthday girl. 
Michelle, Nick, Kristina & me.
A picture of us! HOORAY!
Cousins: Michelle, Aimee & Kristina
Scott with his sisters Beth, Renee & Charlene
Sunday Funday started off with a little Bar Method and then A LOT of cleaning and packing. My organizing system is in full swing and looking GOOD. I will have to say I am glad we are moving when I am 18 weeks pregnant and not any later. I am not doing any lifting but just the standing, wrapping, bending and packing is doing a number on my back. If I am vertical by the end of this it will be a miracle. 

Sunday night we headed for some sustenance at the Strand Fam's. Kayla and Tanner were as cute as ever and Kyle showered baby Retchless with some much needed veggies. Dinner was delish and the company was wonderful as always. 

Phew, and here we are. Monday Monday. More packing, working, and general craziness to be had for the next few weeks. 

Week 18 update coming tomorrow. 

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