Wednesday, October 12, 2011

36 weeks. 4 to go.

How Far Along: 36 weeks. Baby R is due November 8th (just as a refresher).

Size of Baby: 6 lbs. and somewhere between 18.5 and 20 inches.

Total Weight Gain/Loss: 21 lbs. Apparently no change since my appointment two weeks ago. I am not convinced of this and I am going to guess that it was just a nice scale and stick with me being around +23 lbs.

Maternity Clothes: Yep. I have decided to avoid pulling on the maternity jeans from now until the end though. That panel just makes me feel claustrophobic and the demi panel is pretty much a joke at this point.

Movement: Still moving all over the place. I love is the one thing I will miss about pregnancy upon his arrival. 

Symptoms: Generally just running out of steam. I feel pretty beat most of the time regardless of my activity level. Superprego is officially retired. Also, Baby R has officially moved in permanently under my ribs making Bar Method, touching my toes, or finding a comfortable sitting position much more challenging. I did pull off painting my toe nails this morning point me!
What I Miss: Still nothing new to report.

Girl or BoyBoy!

Baby name hint: His name ends in a consonant. In case you need a refresher of all of the hints thus far I have listed them below.

Belly button In or Out: It has kind of popped. It isn't obscene turkey baster popped but it can definitely be noticed through a tight shirt.

Stretch Marks: Nope. 

Cravings: Nothing new here either.
Best Moment This Week: Kate's visit! It is crazy to think that the next time I see her I will have a baby. Seems like just yesterday we were in Mrs. Clark's first grade class together. 

Sentence to not say to a 36.5 week pregnant person: "Your stroller, which we told you would be here this Friday at the latest and that you need to get your baby home from the hospital, is on back order and we are telling you now only because you inquired about its arrival." Yes, this happened and it took everything in my power not to lose my hormonal mind. Hopefully the woman saw the panic in my face and the urgency in my voice and will give me a positive update tomorrow on its really is in her best interest, I promise!

Baby name hints:
  • It's one of the names that can be found by clicking here.
  • His name doesn't start with a "J"
  • You can find his name in the Bible.
  • A man with the same name had a significant influence on history. 
  • His name is a true "boy" name. Not one that could be used for a girl too.
  • Scott and I don't know anyone who has this name. 
  • His name is two syllables.
  • His initials don't spell anything no matter how you arrange them. His monogram doesn't either.
  • His first name is not a family name.
  • His name does not start with an "S".
  • His name does not start with an "R". 
  • His name has ends in a consonant.

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