Monday, October 31, 2011


While 99% of our life is consumed by awaiting Baby R's arrival, we have managed to stay rather busy with this, that, and the other thing around the Bay Area. 

There have been Stanford games, dinners out, doctor's visits, World Series watching, house work, naps, and a smattering of things in between. 

Pretty much it all circles back to the proverbial pot that has yet to boil though. Hopefully this week will be a bit more relaxing than last. Scott and I were both very on edge last week but for some reason we are now back to some semblance of patiently waiting. I think it is knowing that there is an end in sight...that, or denial. 

Anywho...some pictures because that is much more fun than my rambling!

A really bad picture of me, but I had to document our Stanford game attendance.
Karina and I just moments before the CARDINALS WON THE WORLD SERIES!!!!
We made it to the pumpkin patch :-). Granted we were there for a grand total of about 15 minutes we managed to come home with 9 pumpkins...6 are purely for decoration. Can't wait to take Baby R next year!
A pumpkin that is about the size of Baby R. Luckily the pumpkin people didn't think I was trying to steal a pumpkin under my shirt :-).
Baby R's pumpkin. Smaller than him, but a much cuter picture of me.
Scott evaluating his pumpkin options.
Found the perfect one!
All carved and ready to great our trick or treaters tonight. Isn't Scott's scary?!
Just one of our many Sunday house projects. We also gardened, re-planted house plants, cleaned the grill, evaluated a gutter situation...all items that weren't on the official nesting list but needed to be tended to.

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