Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Shoulder to shoulder

This past weekend brought a lot of excitement to the Retchless household. On Thursday Katie arrived from New York for a weekend of fun. It sure was handy to be unemployed so that two of us could pal around on Friday. We shopped, ate, hiked, cheered on the Cardinals, and generally just enjoyed a few days together. Unfortunately I don't have any pictures from Day 1 of Kate's visit but Day 2 brought more fun in the form of football. CU football to be exact!
If only the real Ralphie could make road trips.
This year is every exciting as the Buffs (my alma mater) joined the Pac 12 so I actually get to cheer them on in person again!! I got a few people to join my black and gold bandwagon and we gave Colorado a proper welcome to California.
I went on a CU shopping binge. The M&Ms were Scott's idea :-)
A couple of my converted CU fans (that cheered for Stanford once we got in the stadium...I'll get them trained!!).
Baby R's first CU game :-)
Kate even put on some black and gold to support the cause.

Tanner and Kayla joining in the tailgate fun!
The chocolate cupcakes make it hard to see but the cupcake holders were even Buff themed.
We forgot a wine opener so we had to revert to lessons learned on our honeymoon.

It was a busy weekend that left me with my feet propped up all day Sunday. I think we jammed everything possible in to our last visit with Kate pre-baby! Now if everyone can send good vibes to NY for her to be able to make a trip out in November to meet Baby R that would be great!

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