Friday, April 3, 2009

and the journey continues...

Well, when I last left you we were taking a tour around Scotland.  Let's continue...
Glamis Castle.  This is where the Queen Mother grew up...not a bad childhood home, huh?
The mom's under a beach tree walkway.  Toni would like on of these in her yard, please!
The pet cemetery at Glamis was, cute?  They had stones for guinea pigs, dogs, birds, etc...
All seven in the gardens at Glamis
Sheep!  As I mentioned, there is no shortage of these furry little guys in Scotland.
After touring the castle we discovered the zip line outside and did a little horsing around!  Cayce, me and Erin (pictured) all took a ride.  By the way, there was a sign that said the playground was for children ages 2-8.  Young at heart, right?!
Eassie cemetery.  This might have been one of my favorite stops.  I am not quite sure why.  It was an unexpected stop, just off the road and it was just so quaint and quiet and seemingly not often visited by tourists (another bonus to having Craig along!).  The light was amazing at this time of day and it was just a peaceful little stop.
Sunset at Eassie
At Eassie there were some very old headstones.  This one has masonic marks on it.  There were also many with skulls and crossbones on it (which Craig managed to convince the mom's were pirate graves)
There were obviously a lot of meals on this trip and I can't complain about any of them.  The food in Scotland was great (and very fresh according to my mom!). 
The mom's enjoyed a glass (or more) of Glenmorange Scotch.  Here is Cynth posing with a little Glenmorange display at a pub.
Another meal.  Probably some more warm soup.  I don't really like soup all that much but when it is cold and rainy there is nothing better!

I'm going to switch to another post for the finale of the trip and some final thoughts!

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