Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter

Scott and I had originally planned on a low key Easter of just us.  Saturday night we got a surprise that family was coming...YAY!  When we moved into this house we were excited about the possibility of hosting friends and family so it was nice that we got to have them all over. Plus, it always makes holidays better when you can share them with family (not that it wouldn't have been special and wonderful with just the two of us).

Scott, Kristina, Marcus, and Beth
Mimosas with Beth
Nick enjoying...
the Masters!!  For the record...Scott was VERY disappointed Kenny Perry didn't pull off the win (hope you are feeling better about this today! ;)  )
Our Easter table (jelly beans, peeps, peanut M&Ms, and whopper eggs).  We also made an egg casserole (that turned out pretty good despite making up a recipe), biscuits, french toast, and bacon!  YUM!

After a rousing game of Scene It (Beth, Nick and I won), we bid farewell to the family and enjoyed the rest of the day relaxing.  Our wonderful weekend ended with a little pizza and movie watching (the Queen-I hadn't seen it).  

As you can see, we took advantage of the great weather and time to spend with each other and family.  

Next to St. Louis to see little Eli!!!

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