Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Yet another weekend recap

This past weekend was a very exciting one.  In fact, I think I am still catching up on sleep.

Friday, Scott and I headed off to St. Louis.  After three hours of me freaking out on the airplane, afraid it was going to fall out of the sky (poor Scott, it wasn't one of my prettier performances), we arrived safely.  Of course, in true Eilene fashion, the table was decorated and a wonderful dinner was cooked.  It was nice to have a relaxing evening with just the four of us as all of our previous visits have involved a lot of activities and socializing (little did my mom know, this one would too).  

The table

Saturday morning I finally got to meet Eli!!!  He is absolutely adorable and is already holding his head up (only a month old).  Allison looked great and it was so fun to get to see her little family.  Kind of crazy that we were playing Barbies at 1947 Pine Run and now she is bringing her baby over!  
Wish I got to be around more to see this cute little face!
maybe not this face (kidding) :), although Scott does claim he enjoys fiesty babies!
Proof (Eli was melting down at this moment)
The proud parents!

There are SO many great stories and pictures from the weekend I could probably compose 15 posts, but I will try and keep it top line.  Just know it was a perfect weekend!

Saturday the fun continued with a surprise 60th birthday party for my mom.  She was definitely surprised although she had a few clues that something was up (phone calls, dresses, etc...).
me, mom, dad
Me and Gabrielle.
Grandma and me
I think you have met us a time or two :)
The Smith clan...grandma and her four kids

After plenty of gag gifts, real gifts, a margarita fountain, two kegs, speeches, a slideshow, and mingling, we headed home.  
Me in 5th grade...see any similarities?

Sunday we headed over to the Reppy household for some more Eli time!  While I think Scott and I were pretty lame guests (Saturday took its toll) we enjoyed seeing the remodeled kitchen, Eli's room, and of course, spending time with my new little friend. 
Don't you want me to babysit your kids?!  This would be a hair of the dog moment...

After a 4:30am wake-up and trip home on Monday we arrived safely back in San Francisco.  We missed our little Lola and she was definitely happy to see us.  Thanks to Michelle and Kristina for taking such good care of our munchkin!  

Looking forward to our next St. Louis visit...Happy Birthday Mom!!!


LC said...

Oh my gosh, Stephanie! I can't believe how much you look like your mom! And even at age 10!!!

Paige B said...

You and your mom look EXACTLY alike in those two crazy!!!