Friday, April 3, 2009

St. Andrews

I decided this post needs it's own entry because it was a pretty special stop.  While I am not a great golfer (ok, when I golf it looks more like putt putt) my dad is an incredible golfer and has played St. Andrews (the old course).  So has my mom, but from what I hear, not in quite as good of form as my dad :).  

The 7 of us on the Swilken Bridge.  Kind of a big deal in golf! 
St. Andrews was much different than I expected.  Very unpretentious!  The course pretty much sits right up against the edge of town and really looks more like a large park than a golf course. As a matter of fact, on Sundays that is exactly what it is.  Sunday the course shuts down and people come out with their dogs and families and enjoy the grounds.  The course is very much meant for the people of St. Andrews (and Scotland in general) and they make sure tee times are reserved for locals and the area is accessible to those that live there.  As my dad said, Scotland makes it very easy for people to get into the game of golf.  It is very unassuming and relaxed as opposed to the country club mentality the states have created.  I could go on all is just a really neat place!
The opening of Chariots of Fire was filmed on this beach.  Me, with St. Andrews in the background.
As Chrissie mentioned before I left, I was going to Scot Land (as in my Scott).  So I decided I would leave this as a reminder (at least until high tide).

St. Andrews is much more than a golf course.  It is a town, there is a college (where Prince William went), and of course, a lot of history. 
The remains of St. Andrews Cathedral.  Just based on what is left, this place had to be absolutely unbelievable in it's time.  We timed our visit during a downpour with winds driving the rain horizontal.  It all added to the experience though!  
Sitting like the monks used to
Casey climbed into one of the sarcophaguses!  Better her than me...I think I would have had nightmares.

From here we headed back to Edinburgh for a little more pub time and my last night abroad.  It was an incredible trip and one that I will never forget!  One more post to follow with a few last notes...

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