Sunday, April 26, 2009

Fun in California!

I REALLY need to get creative with my posts (you have heard that before) but for now, more recaps!

This past week brought lots of fun activities and some incredible weather.  You might recall I was begging for a few hot days in the city, well we got them!  When we arrived home from St. Louis the house was 87 degrees and opening the windows did nothing to alleviate the heat (no wind).  It was perfect for spending time outside but made for restless evenings in the house...which apparently cause Scott to do house cleaning.  Another benefit of hot weather! Kidding, Scott!  

Tuesday Chrissie and I decided to take the kids down to Chrissie Field for a little fun in the bay. Kayla wasn't too interested in the actual water (who would be?  the bay is FREEZING!) but really enjoyed her watering can!

Can you get any cuter?!

Friday as you know I spent a lot of time at the DMV.  After that lovely experience Lola and I headed to Dolores Park with Kristina for some wine and cheese.  That night Nick came up and they joined us for taco night and two exciting games of Scene It.  The score is tied and Scott and I are ready for the tie breaker!  Hopefully Kristina realizes that playing in the park is much more fun than work and continues to take days off!  

Saturday...Napa...surprise, surprise!  Tia and Tom were in for the weekend so Scott and I joined them for a little wine tasting, yummy lunch at the Rutherford Grill and of course lots of catching up!  It was great to see them and hopefully they continue to make regular trips to the city (and vicinity).
Oh yes, a mandatory stop on the way home...Gloria Ferrer.  This was our free tasting, not really sure we could have passed it up.  I will be back for more next weekend with Kristina (and hopefully Diane) for our pick up weekend!  YAY for bubbles!!

My weekend activities concluded with a trip down to Redwood City for dinner with Tommy and Cortney and some gymnastics in the yard with Hanna and Paisley!  As a result of my back bend my body is feeling a little sore today.  But hey, at least I didn't land on my head!  Thank you to the Hyland family for great food and company!

Scott enjoyed a little golf this morning with Todd and Cru (warm up for Palm Springs next weekend) while I slept in :).  It was much needed catch up sleep and now we are just enjoying a lazy Sunday, Scott napping as we speak.  

Another perfect week and weekend.  Looking forward to what this week brings...more fun activities, including my first Giants game!  

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Tia said...

our Sinskey wine just arrived! yeah- so happy. But we miss you guys already :(