Thursday, April 2, 2009

Let's Start at the Beginning

San Francisco-Erin and I set out for the airport bright and early on Friday morning to catch our flight to New York.  
Cocktails at 8am-a must when you are afraid of me, the person sitting next to me is thanking the bartender!  (On the phone with Allie-she had a healthy baby boy the night before!!!! CONGRATS, can't wait to meet him)

Flight-Virgin is amazing!  I wish this airline flew everywhere in the states because I would fly it ALWAYS!!  They have wifi and plenty of in flight entertainment (games, movies, tv, etc...).  It is just a step up from anything else.

New York-this is where it got interesting.  We met up with the rest of the UK bound group and spent an absurd amount of time in the Virgin Atlantic Club.  This place is nothing short of heaven.  We were rather conservative at first, ordering drinks by the glass and keeping our food intake reasonable so as not to have a huge bill.  Then we found out it was all free and the champagne started coming by the bottle as well as about 10 more entrees (AND they didn't want us to leave.  We tried and the lady said, NO, it is not time to board your flight yet, sit down and relax).  I really don't think I have ever laughed as hard as I did in that lounge.  
Toni gave us these handy little purses(?) so she didn't have to carry our stuff!  Good news, the 17 cents they actually hold never weighed down Toni's bag.
Enjoying the lounge.
Mom showing off her converter...might be time for an upgrade!  No wonder her bag was overweight!!!!

After a nice Ambien induced flight over the Atlantic we finally made it to London.
Not sure if this picture is in the airport or between trains on the tube.  I was pretty blacked out until we got to the hotel from the Ambien.  Strange how you can still function with NO recollection of the event.

The trip from Heathrow to our hotel in London was pretty much a s*** show!  We were all lugging bags that clocked in around 50 lbs with carry ons flailing and our best tourist faces on trying to figure out how to navigate the train system.  After what felt like a million stairs and miles walked we ended up at the Marriott in time to quickly change and begin site seeing.  

*note-there was little to no down time on this trip and for the first time EVER I actually lost weight on vacation!

More posts to come...breaking this down into manageable pieces...

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