Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Royal Oak

This might be a place you really just have to experience, but I will try and give it justice...
Before it got crowded with singers and spectators
Lindsay joining in-as you can see, much more crowded!

This pub is SMALL.  One guy called it the smallest pub in Edinburgh.  When you walk in you wonder where people are actually going to play music.  There is no stage, no set aside area.  We were lucky to get there early and get a table (there are only 3).  

Well, quickly we found our answer.  The music comes from wherever that person happens to be standing.  These are people that had been there since we walked in.  People that seemed to just be enjoying a beer with some friends that all of a sudden belt out incredible songs with amazing vocals!  Some of the music was Scottish, some Irish, some just singing, some with guitars...all incredible.  Everyone jumps in and sings along when they know the song and it is a great environment.  We counted about 11+ people that sang the night we were there!  

Here are a few videos so you can see what it was all about.  

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