Monday, April 13, 2009

Saturday Activities

Saturday morning began with coffee and a leisurely trip to the dog park.  It is a really unique park tucked into the side of a hill and is actually an old baseball diamond (you can see the old backstop in the far middle of this picture).  As you can see Lola had a great time playing ball on a gorgeous Saturday morning.
run lola run!

Since it was such a nice day we began brainstorming fun places to go and explore in and around the city.  While we wanted to sit outside, we ended up settling on the Cliff House on the coast.
The walk up this hill was very windy...felt a little silly in my dress at that point (since everyone else at the beach had on fleeces and scarves)!
While we didn't get to sit outside and enjoy the sun, the view from our table wasn't too bad!  Plus, it was nice and warm inside :)

After lunch (which ended up being around 3ish) we came home for an afternoon with the Masters.  Nothing like golf to nap to!  

Saturday night we stayed in and watched Milk.  Rent it...immediately!  Not only was it a great movie but it was neat to see all the places in the city it was filmed.  Specifically, the Castro since it is so close to us here in Noe.

On to Sunday...

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