Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A few reviews...

Since I am on "vacation" this week I have had a little spare time to catch up on some reading and movie viewing.  I wanted to share a few favorites with you...

I should probably preface this with my taste in books.  The first books I can really recall enjoying are my "death books" as my dad termed them.  They were all by Lurlene McDaniel and not one of them was happy.  In fact, 99% of them dealt with childhood cancer.  Well, this bizarre theme has continued throughout my life as far as my enjoyment of books.  I mostly stick to non fiction but I can handle a fiction book as long as I am learning something from it (i.e.-The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime-while fiction, it did teach me a lot about autism).  Sybil was another recent favorite (getting the picture here).  I even found myself in the "parents with troubled child" section of a bookstore recently picking out a new read.  I guess I just like to learn something when I read (and apparently about terrible things).  

So, the point of that last paragraph wasn't to freak anyone out, but to explain that I prefer non fiction reads.  The next two books are true stories...
This book was recommended to me by Cortney and it is a GREAT (and fast) read.  While it does deal with cancer it truly is uplifting and Kelly has some great insight and advice to give to her readers.
Again, a fast and fun read.  Not only is Kristin hilarious but the book is actually really good (not a hopeless attempt of a celebrity to get a little extra cash).  It gets a little all over the place at times but I think that is how my brain works so I am getting through it just fine.

Both of these would be great beach reads if you are planning a vacation.  Also, neither are about odd illnesses or anything that doesn't come out with a silver lining!

Movies...let's see...

Revolutionary Road-left both Scott and I going, "hum...".  Never really felt like you knew the characters so you weren't really invested in what happens to them. Great acting though so worth a watch.

Seven Pounds-Scott found it a bit slow up front but thought it recovered at the end.  I really enjoyed the whole movie.

Doubt-different than expected but definitely better than expected.  Rent it.

Ok, enough from me...time to run (ugh)!

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