Monday, June 29, 2009

Gab comes to visit

On Monday we got a house guest.  Gabrielle traveled from Dallas all by herself (apparently she is a pro at this) to visit the family in San Francisco.  She stayed with Kyle and Chrissie on Saturday and Sunday and moved into our house on Monday.  

Gab was a huge help during the morning with Kayla and Tanner at the zoo and then in the afternoon we took off for an adventure in Chinatown.  
Gab showing her feathers at the zoo
Gab at the entrance to Chinatown!

Tuesday Libby was nice enough to invite us down for a day of swimming and a fajita dinner!
Chrissie, Natalie, and Gab enjoying the warm weather and wonderful pool!
Based on his glasses I am thinking his judgement might be VERY impaired.  :)
Gab, Chrissie, and Natalie tanning their arms.
Thanks to our hosts; Libby, (Kayla), Mia and Steve (next time we will get him on camera!).  It was a terrific day!!

On Wednesday it was time to say goodbye to Gab :-(.  We traveled to the airport and I got to take a trip through security without getting on the plane (my kind of trip to the airport!).  After a slight delay Gab was on her way home.  It was a great visit and hopefully Gab felt the same way!!

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