Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Saturday at the park

The ballpark that is!!!  


Scott and I got all suited up to cheer for our respective teams and headed to the stadium.

As you can see over my shoulder I wasn't the only Cards fan there (actually there were LOTS)

All my red paid off as the Cardinals pulled out a victory!  Although I will have to say I felt really bad for the little boy sitting next to us at the game.  He was all of 7 and had his glove ready to catch a foul ball and was decked out head to toe in Giants gear.  Well, I was showing my St. Louis pride in clothing and spirit and he seemed pretty upset that I was cheering for the opposing team.  I thought about taking it down a notch but decided he had to learn sometime, right?!  

It was great fun and wonderful to see my Cardinals play.  It did make me realize how long it has been since I have truly paid a ton of attention to our roster though since I didn't know half of the players (I know, I am a bad fan).  BUT, we did see Pujols knock one out of the park, which, regardless of who you are rooting for is pretty spectacular!  

Ok, the rest will be told in pictures:

Giants/Cardinals second layers!
All Star ballot (being held in St. Louis-how fitting).  I love filling these out.  I have very find memories of going to games with my mom and dad and punching out the holes with Dad's keys.

Scott showing us that St. Louis isn't so bad after all and enjoying a Budweiser.
Representing my journey.  Cardinals (St. Louis), Coors (Colorado), and Giants (San Francisco)

Nothing quite like baseball season!  GO CARDS and Giants!

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Claire said...

Love it, and miss you guys tons! Remember the Rockies game that we had the pleasure of meeting Scott at for the first time?!?