Monday, June 29, 2009


Father's Day.  

Of course we were both missing spending the day with our dads but we made it a great day anyway!  

This being Scott's first Father's Day (yes, being a dad to Lola counts) we decided to head out to dinner.  
Home after a delicious sushi dinner.
It might have been Father's Day but I needed a picture with the princess too!

Happy Father's Day (ok, slightly belated) to:
Bernie.  We all miss you!

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Marleen and Kevin said...

Um, the first two pictures are out of a magazine. Hi, I'm Scott and I take perfect photos with a cute dog. HI, I'm Steph and I look perfectly beautiful with my pretty dress.

By the way- Should I calm down on these postings? I've made it through 3 postings and written 2 comments .... - Marleen