Monday, June 8, 2009


That is what this weekend made me!  By Sunday I was completely spent and ended up spending 99% of the day on the couch.  It was nice, though, since it seems that is a rare way to spend a day around here!  

It all started Thursday with a trip to the Strand's for dinner.  Always a good time and I never go home thirsty :).  

Friday, Chrissie had to fight the city on their error and so we took a trip to City Hall.  WOW!  I have driven by this place multiple times but haven't been inside.  GO INSIDE!  It is absolutely gorgeous in there.  I think I could spend the day people watching there too.  There were people doing business, holding meetings, press conferences, and even getting married.  I thought about giving Scott and ring and having him come meet me but preferred him alive instead of dead of shock!  KIDDING of course...

After a much needed nap Scott and headed out to meet the Strand fam (sans kids) for dinner at Terzo.  Once again a great dining experience in San Francisco and we will make a return trip at some point undoubtedly.  Of course, we have about a million other places to try first!  

Chrissie and I actually done up for a change! 
(our normal here and here)
Kyle, Chrissie, me, Scott

Saturday morning I woke with the thought, "why did I sign us up for this half marathon?".  And the answer quickly became, "to get my lazy self out of bed and have some exercise before our next social activity!"  And that is exactly what we did.  Ran.  Lucky for us it was a gorgeous day in the city and we headed out to the coast and I pretended that I was in Hawaii the entire time (3 months away!).  

Speaking of 3...

As for the activity on Saturday...Ian's third birthday party.  We will just call this organized chaos.  There were 20+ kids running in and out of the jumpy castle and weaving between the legs of chatting adults.  There is something about that energy that really is just so fun.  Who can argue with listening to little kids having fun and giggling while enjoying catching up with friends?
Me and Robert (and the reason I was probably so tired on Sunday!)
The night ended with a little concert by all the kiddos

Well, it is a good thing I was so tired on Sunday or this post would be even longer and more boring than it already it is!  Happy Monday everyone! 

Something about this video reminds me of a Christmas video or two from my childhood!

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