Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Wine Guy

blog.. blog.. blog!  When I first met Steph almost a year ago the only time I really felt our "more than a decade" age difference was when she would reference all the social media products out there (facebook, twitter, blogging etc.)  Now for the record I did have a facebook page, but had it so tightly secured that I think I only had 3 friends on it.  Whereas Steph had more than 300!  So while on our long journey out here moving Steph from Colorado to SF when Steph mentioned she was going to start a blog, I was somewhat unsure how it would all turn out. I loved the premise for it of course, as it would be a great way for family and friends to keep up with Steph and I and of course our furry friend Lola, but was a bit worried that this would be out there for anyone to read outside of our close circle.  I must admit this blog idea has been amazing, as not only has it kept Steph's family and friends informed, but many of my friends outside of SF have truly enjoyed catching up on our weekly/daily activities.  So I feel fortunate to be able to step in today and send out my first blog ever!  Yes I have officially become a blogger... SCARY!

My topic of the day will be WINE...
As you have seen from Steph's many posts in the past we love to go to Napa/Sonoma and taste, drink wine.  Most of my friends love wine and some (Kyle) are even obsessed with wine. Kyle has a large wine fridge filled with wine that he can't drink for 15 years and about 20 cases sprawled out on his floor next to the fridge!  He definitely is on the higher end of the scale with regards to being a  "wino".  Kyle has definitely sucked me in to learning and tasting/trying wines from other regions of the world and not just California.  Kyle loves Bordeaux from France and thus why he has so much wine he can't drink until 2025, because most Bordeaux will reach their peak 15-20 years after they hit the market.  
The wino (and future trainee)

I on the other had would describe myself as in the middle of the "wino" pack. I love trying new wines but honestly am looking for that wine that I love and also cost in the $10-$15 dollar range, and trust me they are out there.  You typically won't find many of these wines at the winery especially in Napa.  I LOVE Napa wines especially Napa cabernet sauvignon, however to find one in this price range is very hard.  

Lately Steph and I have been really into drinking Sauvignon Blanc wines.  As the weather has changed a bit in SF and it's a bit hotter, sitting in our backyard with a chilled glass of a crisp, light, citrus Sauvignon Blanc hits the spot.  Here are a few bottles that Steph and I have really enjoyed and the best of all they are all less than $15 dollars a bottle.

If you like wine and want to start learning a bit more about it, I suggest getting together with a few friends on a Friday/Saturday night and play some wine games. My favorite is to do some blind tastings.  Buy three wines (priced from low to high) and cover them up so no one knows which wine is in which bag.  Try all three of the wines and try and guess which one was the cheapest and which is the most expensive. You will almost always be amazed at how it turns out and which one is your favorite.  For the more experienced drinkers try buying one varietal from one winery but from three different years and try and see if  you can taste the difference!!

That is the uniqueness of wine, each year is so different from the other.  I hope you enjoyed my first entry.  I will leave you with this, no matter what anyone says, the reason to drink wine is because you like it, not to prove how much you think you know.  Wine drinking is individual and so is your taste so don't let anyone make you feel you don't know what your doing! 

Proof-me enjoying a bottle of Scott wine!

Until next time...

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Wow! Impressive first blog entry by your Guest writer! Always something new and exciting on your blog!