Wednesday, June 3, 2009


On behalf of my mom and dad...

This guy is a Dyson vacuum.  I have heard that this might be the greatest invention ever, but I didn't know how great until I talked to my dad today.  First, my dad is not one to rave about household appliances unless it is in the form of serious electronics (speakers, computers, TVs, etc...).  So to hear that he had a vacuum story took me by surprise and frankly I thought it was going to involve it blowing up or something to that effect.

Quite wrong.  Apparently they borrowed my aunt's and ran it through the downstairs of our house and managed to fill up half a trash bag full of gunk from the carpets.  Now, my mom keeps a CLEAN house and never slacks on her vacuuming duties so this is an impressive amount of crap to suck out of the carpets.  Same story upstairs too!  

Kind of crazy that a little machine can create so much power.

So, to those seeking a new vacuum...spend the $500 and pick up a Dyson today!  Your allergies will thank you!

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