Monday, June 15, 2009


As I mentioned last week, I was on vacation.  This is because my "employers" were on vacation. Lucky for Scott and me, they invited us along for a few days of their Calistoga get away.  We intended to spend two nights up there but the sun, fun and company sucked us in for a third night.  It was a GREAT long weekend with lots of suntans to show for it :)! 

The weekend in pictures...
Libby teaching Mia how to chop an onion (she did a fabulous job!)
Dinner on night #1
Scott and Kyle waiting for the ladies to sit down so we could eat!!
Kayla Sue showing off her new floaty in the pool
Too cute!
Tanner working it out in his entertainment gym
I was catching up on some VERY important reading
Kyle catching any extra minute of sleep he can
There really just can't be enough pictures of this one!
Of course Lola enjoyed her vacation too!
Saturday the Hyland family came up to join the fun!  Of course it was great to see them and I got to enjoy some pool time with Hanna and Paisley.  Note my fancy goggles...Chrissie was nice enough to let me borrow hers!
Scott and Tommy getting in a little bocce ball

*I swear Chrissie and Cortney were there but somehow I lack photographic evidence. I do have a nice video of Chrissie's flip turn in the pool...won't share it though as I would like to keep my job!

I cannot express how happy I was to find some summer out here in Northern California. Everyone tried to tell me how bad the summers were here but I was definitely not expecting this! It is seriously foggy and cloudy almost every day.  Luckily the pool in Calistoga was heated up to 88 and the air temp was around 75 everyday.  While it made for nice laying out weather, it was also perfect for a run.  Scott and I ticked off 6 miles on the Silverado Trail.  As Scott put it, "Boulder doesn't have this", as he pointed out the rows and rows of growing grapes.  It really was gorgeous and to be able to hit the pool when we got back was even better!

One other note...did you know when you are stargazing you actually see satellites flying by? They look like really quickly moving stars as the cruise across the horizon.  Take a look on the next really clear night!  

I will leave you with a little video for your entertainment (Scott might have had one too many glasses of vino!)

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