Monday, June 29, 2009


No, not me.  Marleen Eilene (oh, wait, Elizabeth).

Friday I went through security again and this time I got on a plane!  I was heading to San Diego to see Marleen.  It had been close to a year since I had seen her.  We both left Boulder...smarty pants went to get her PhD in Illinois and here I am in San Francisco.  Hearing that she was going to be a quick flight away I decided to crash her conference and spend a little girl time by the pool!

We had SO much fun and I am pretty sure my cheeks are still sore and abs a bit tighter from all of the laughing.  

Dinner in downtown San Diego.  We managed to see this restaurant and that was about all outside of the two towers of the Sheraton!

You see, Marleen and I are on the same page...dinner, and back to the room to enjoy a little in room movie action and candy action!  I am pretty sure we didn't see 11 either night.  A very relaxing a perfect weekend! daiquiris!  We pretty much had this pool to ourselves which was probably good because I am sure people would wonder what was so funny all day!  Oh, that's just us...we are HILARIOUS!

As I mentioned Marleen was in town on business.  Here you can see that she was on the agenda for a little speaking engagement.  I hear it went great!!

Thanks to Marleen for a GREAT weekend.  Let's do it again SOONER rather than later!

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Marleen and Kevin said...

I am finally catching up on your blog and I see this one as the last one. It was meant to me! Wait till you get your postcard (oh crap there goes the surprise) - it pretty much says the exact same stuff. SO many laughs, so much fun! AGAIN AGAIN AGAIN!!!!!!! when when when? ??? :)