Monday, February 2, 2009

25 Things

While I think 25 things is kind of a lot I figure I will jump on the bandwagon (this is running rampant on Facebook) and give you mine:

1-Unemployment...has it perks but can also be terribly frustrating.  I am having a love/hate relationship with it.

2-If I had it to do over again I would definitely go into deaf education.  

3-There is only ONE DMV in San Francisco.  Really?!  

4-I am getting a California driver's license just because I am excited about being here-mine doesn't expire until 2010.  I even have to take a test to get it!

5-Maybe Scott's favorite-I really dislike drinking out of glass unless it is wine or beer.  I much prefer cheap plastic cups (that you get as souvenirs) for water, soda, etc... Strange but true!

6-At some point in my life I will make it to Greece (Santorini to be exact)

7-I was in the marching band (Tenor Sax)

8-I am desperately trying to stop biting my nails.  I have been doing it for as long as I can remember and at this point I don't even realize I do it, making stopping pretty difficult.

9-Christmas is my favorite holiday-not for the holiday, just the traditions that surround it (mom decorating, family, friends, etc...)

10-Smells can transport me to exact moments in my life.  For example, Freesia from Bath and Body Works immediately takes me back to swimming camp in New Mexico.  Most of them have strong emotional reactions as well.

11-I'm really bad/slow at running but continue to register for races that involve running and I never get any better!  

12-I'm allergic to shellfish and found out at age 14...this is VERY disappointing because I know how good it is!

13-Handsfree cell phone laws are extremely frustrating.  The next car I buy WILL have bluetooth built in.

14-5ish Mon-Fri is the best part of my day ;)

15-I still wear my retainers to bed (not every night, but a lot).

16-Cheese-love it...any type, shape, size, texture, color!  I don't even know if all of those apply to cheese!

17-I love to clean and do house work.  The only exceptions to this are unloading the dishwasher and taking out the trash.  These two simply pain me!

18-I have a bit of OCD in me...Scott has taken to calling me Monica-I'm sure he is glad we live together!!

19-I have a gift for memorization as long as it is in the form of a song.  I can name every President of the United States in order because of a song I learned in 3rd grade.  I can also sing almost every word of the musical Rent.

20-DVR is the best invention.  I am really not sure what I did when I had to watch commercials! 

21-I've never worn a watch.  Just not for me.

22-I really wish I knew more about fashion and could execute on this knowledge.  A job might be helpful in funding this little project :)

23-I wish I enjoyed reading more.  Every time I reach for a book the TV wins.

24-It would be great to have my friends from St. Louis, New York, Seattle, Boulder/Denver, Illinois, etc... all in San Francisco with me!!

25-I really want a Dyson vacuum.  Well, I did when I had carpet...hardwood is wonderful!

Well, as the Facebook rules dictate, this is completely random.  Hope you enjoyed reading it!


Scott said...

These are awesome. I love to learn so much about you. FACEBOOK huh.. Wow I will have to check that out.. it's that something new.. kind of like My Space???

ps... I know you love comments so I thought I would send you one!!


Marleen and Kevin said...
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Marleen and Kevin said...

awwww! I went to write a comment and Scott left me with a tough act to follow! You guys are so cute.

My not so awesome comment (as compared to Scott's): This list is so great! I like the one about deaf education, number 2...very interesting!

I wish I lived in San Fran. Chicken, Kev and I WILL get there!!!! xoxo