Thursday, February 5, 2009

Ladies Who Lunch

I have been a bad blogger this week but there hasn't really been much going on to blog about...I could ramble about my favorite TV shows, but you probably don't really care!  

So I will do a quick highlight of the most exciting part of my week.  Tuesday Chrissie and I arranged to get Lola and Kayla together (yes, I am setting up play dates for my dog!) for a little play time. Lola and I started the day with a little run to calm her down and then headed over to the Strand household.  Chrissie and I picked up some Pita Pit and went to Crissy Field for a picnic.  Lola and Kayla were both having a blast and Kayla conquered her fear of grass!  WOO HOO!!  She was crawling all over the place making new friends.  While making new friends, we ran into an old friend...Hank (I've actually known Hank for awhile from family ski trips in Tahoe so it was fun to catch up)!  We managed to convince Hank a stroll across the bridge wasn't near as fun as an afternoon with the "ladies who lunch" and he joined our afternoon of relaxing.
Kayla checking out the not-so-scary grass

While lounging on the grass I was discussing my frustration of not knowing where to ride my bike in the city.  I see people out all over the place but I am not all the confident about riding through the city and have no idea where to go once I make it across the bridge.  So Chrissie suggested a drive to Tiburon to show me a possibility (turned out to be perfect and I am excited to get out and try it).  We loaded up and and put in some rockin techno lullabies (Kayla is perfecting her glow stick twirling) and made it to Tiburon.  It was a gorgeous day and Hank suggested (or rather demanded) that we stop at Sam's.  Apparently Sam's is packed on the weekends and you could see why...TONS of outdoor seating, think the Office in Cabo, a nice view of the water, and plenty of drinks to go around.  On our visit we saw all of two other people out but enjoyed our drinks-Kayla discovered Ginger Ale and was pretty excited.  
"Why is Hank digging through your purse mom?"

It was a great day and it actually kept me out for about 7 hours!  That might be a record outing for me and I enjoyed every minute of it.

Stay tuned for the next installment of Ladies Who Lunch.

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Crick said...

Woohoo! I can't wait for the next installment of Ladies Who Lunch because I will be the Lady Lunching with You!!

And, by the way, Kayla and I had a great day as well and it was DEFINITELY the highlight of our week.