Monday, February 9, 2009

The Hunt Continues...

Before I dive into the job hunt for the day I wanted to give a quick weekend update.  Well, I guess I will start back on Thursday when Scott's friend from Chico, Steve, came over.  He was in town on business and joined us for a night of sushi down the street.  It was great getting to meet him and get more great stories that Scott would never tell me himself!! 

Saturday we headed to Napa for a few special wine club events.  Scott and I started at Far Niente for a Cabernet tasting in their caves.  
I LOVED the candles!  The hallways of barrels seemed to be endless and go in every direction.
Look, I actually do attend these functions!
It was a beautiful day in the valley.  We sat out by the pond and enjoyed our dessert wine, Dolce, and enjoyed the view. 

After Far Niente we headed to Nickel and Nickel for round two.  There we met up with Cortney, Tommy, and Paisley.  There is a picture for this one but it is giving me trouble uploading...might come later.  We had a great time tasting and again enjoying the great day.

Dinner was at the Boon Fly Cafe at the Carneros Inn.  We also enjoyed the patio at FARM.  It was a great day and I am looking forward to many more wine tasting adventures...after all it might as well be in our backyard!  

Last night we enjoyed dinner and the Grammys with the Strand Family.  Kyle made a wonderful stew and Chrissie did a great job with the corn souffle (thanks for the recipe, Cindy). 

I would give the Grammys a B.  This awards show is never my favorite and it didn't do anything to win me over last night.  The company far exceeded the show...I enjoyed the story telling and laughs 10 to 1 over the show!  

Busy week...lots to come!


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Crick said...

I gave the Grammys an F !!!! But I will upgrade it to a D because they put Neil Diamond on for you!