Monday, February 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Kyle!

The busy weekend weekend continued on Saturday night with a birthday dinner for Kyle.  Rick and Caroline came over the bridge to join in the celebration. 

Guest of honor

The night (and yes, it was night-the reservations began at about my bedtime!) began at the Redwood Room in the Clift Hotel.  It is a bit of LA and New York thrown into downtown San Francisco.  

Caroline aka Lily Tomlin :)

After a few appetizers we headed over to Cortez in the Adagio Hotel for a family style dinner.  Well, dinner and drinks!  I note this because the night got fairly entertaining towards the end when Rick and Chrissie were deciding whose belly looked more pregnant, and the gifts for Kyle came out.  
Scott and me (with one of Kyle's gifts)
It's a kicker!!
Rick demonstrating how to use the perfect push up gift he gave Kyle (although he might need to borrow them-he only made it to 5)
Scott managed to do about 27...although we aren't sure that they were FULL push ups he was doing.  He begs to differ!
Caroline showing the boys how it's done.
Time to go home!!

Happy Birthday Kyle!!!

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