Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

This year Valentine's Day was spent in Twain Harte.  Lola, Scott and I packed up and made the drive west to spend it with Scott's mom.  This was IDEAL.  I am pretty much a "ba humbug" when it comes to Valentine's Day and would really prefer that it not be a holiday.  They say people in a relationship love this holiday, but I beg to differ.  I just think it is silly (sorry to all V Day fans) and too much pressure is put on this day.  I would much rather have a romantic dinner and tell the one I love I love them on a day when it isn't "mandated".  Ok, enough of that rant...back to our trip.

We arrived to at least one and a half feet of snow.  It was very heavy and wet, making plowing through it a bit difficult.  We found this out the hard way trying to get in the driveway.  
Scott digging us out

Once we made it in we were able to relax and enjoy some Papa Murphy's pizza.  As mentioned in the previous post, Thursday was a bit of a big night so we crashed early.

Saturday we woke up to MORE snow.  We were probably somewhere around two feet at this point.  It was absolutely gorgeous.  Yet another reason to love Twain Harte.  There is something about it...as soon as we arrive it is immediately relaxing and just feels perfectly homey and cozy!  

The snow kept us holed up for most of the day (who can complain-fire, double sol, and good company), but we did manage to get the monster out for a 45 minute walk. 
While this is a bit far away you should note my stellar outfit.  So glad I have hundreds of dollars worth of fancy snow gear...in San Francisco (oops)...I'll remember it next time!
Morning snow on the deck!!
View from the middle of the deck

Saturday night we "celebrated" the aforementioned holiday with some steak, potatoes, salad (with Barbara's fabulous salad dressing), and champagne.  

After a wonderful Sunday morning breakfast (and a little more shoveling by Scott) we were headed back to the city.  Good news, Scott got to see some snow fall before we left...it seemed to keep coming at night.  I wish I had a picture of him staring out the window like a little kid waiting for Santa, or in this case, a few white flakes.  I guess I should have stuck around Colorado a little longer so he could experience that winter wonderland (although I don't think it would have been worth it...I can't imagine still flying back and forth and couldn't be happier every single day that I am here).

All for now...but stay tuned...I will be having a guest blogger this week (and no, I haven't completely lost it-Lola will not be sharing her thoughts with you).


Scott said...

The best part of this was Steph yelling at me to not drive into the driveway that we would get stuck!! and of course like any man i did not listen.. well i paid the price by digging for 20 minutes..

Stephanie said...

I decided to leave that part out and not throw the "I told you so" in the blog!! But, yes, that is what happened! :)