Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Ladies Who Lunch Installment 2

Yesterday Chrissie and I went back to college (and Kayla's first visit).  We decided to take a drive over the Bay Bridge to Berkeley and visit Chrissie's alma mater.  We had lunch at an old favorite of Chrissie's and enjoyed GREAT salads.  

Kayla was her normal smiley, fun self and even managed to show us how she can stand up and turn around in her high chair.  A fancy new trick she has picked up :). 

Chrissie and I walked around town and I got to see a lot of the area and heard lots of wild stories about the area.  For example, while Chrissie was there there was a hostage situation at a bar across the street from her apartment.  

It was great to see another town and compare it to my experience in Boulder.  Berkeley is definitely more diverse than Boulder (not hard to be) but they both have a great college town feel!  One thing Chrissie told me about were the "tree sitters" who sat in large Oak trees on campus for months to try and keep them from being cut down.  Definitely something I could see happening in Boulder in a heart beat!  One of the tree sitters:
After stopping to get Kayla a t-shirt to represent Mom's school we headed home.

Another great day for the ladies who lunch!


SJT said...

Allison was telling me about your blog so I thought I'd check it out. You are a much better blogger than I am! I always feel like my blogs are boring. Yours are def. fun to read! :) ok I think i've rambled enough?? :) I'll check back soon! :)

SJT said...

lol i just realized you might not know it was me - susan. lol :)