Monday, February 23, 2009

And the Oscar goes to...


Ok, not really.  But I did manage to win the ballot game this year.  First time ever and I even set a record.

Allow me to back up.  Oscar night is my mom's favorite night of the year!  Every year she hosts a party and all attendees must dress up according to her specifications (usually as a character from one of the best picture nominees but sometimes she switches it up and you can pull from years past).  Her life size Oscar comes out for guests to be photographed with, and games are always on the agenda.  Of course, all festivities end as soon as the awards start and no phone calls are to be made inbound during the show.
A bit of a throw back but it is the only picture I have of Oscar.  Funny enough, Allie is actually pregnant more need for pillows under the shirt!

This year my mom celebrated Oscar night in Colorado with Bobbi, Doug, Lauren and Jordan (long time attendees of these parties).  With a Mardi Gras theme each attendee was given beads for winning a category.  I sure would have cleaned up if I was there (can you tell I am excited about my big win).  

While they partied it up in Colorado, Scott, Lola and I headed over to the Strand household for some Oscar fun.  Of course Kayla was as cute as ever and even showed Scott her walking! 
Showing off all her teeth!
Kayla's hair looking good after bath time!  I think the mohawk might be her look!

After the littlest guest went to sleep we sat down with our Indian Food (in honor of Slumdog).  It was my first experience with Indian and I really liked it.  We will have to visit our local Noe Indian restaurant in the near future.
My ballot.  21 correct votes...only missed 3!!

We had a great time admiring all the Oscar fashion and festivities and give the new format an "A".  I may weigh in later on my favorite dresses, moments, etc... but I am about blogged out for today.  Back to real life!

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