Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Boulder comes to SF

After enjoying some Hanna wine at the Press Club on Wednesday night with an old Boulderite, Laurie, a few more Boulderites came to town.  

It was great to spend the afternoon catching up with Tia and Cindy (after a few wrong turns on the way-apparently my city driving isn't as stellar as I thought).  As the afternoon and catching up progressed we were joined by Scott, Tom, Joel, and a few other familiar faces.  

After a bit of a dinner dilemma we ended up at Hunan Henry's...this is a very long story that I will spare those that weren't involved.  

Here are a few shots from our top notch dinner:
As you can see, it was tough to get a table.  Tom managed to find a seat :)
Yes, "meat pie" was on the menu
Here it is...MEAT PIE!
A sampling of our drink selection...vodka/soda on the left (note it is smaller than our fancy cups), Top Shelf tequila (the glass to the left is the shot glass), and something a little less scary, Bud Light!

While I poke fun, the actual dinner food was pretty good.  Plus, the company was great and we had lots of good laughs.  (Although next time we are keeping our original reservations at Capannina!) 

The remainder of the night was priceless.  It was great to have friends around to catch up with and who could not find this entertaining?
In Scott's defense, this was Tom's fancy coat! (although I think I just threw Tom under the bus...sorry!)

I definitely miss all my Boulder friends and look forward to their next visit!


Scott said...

I think this new "look" would garner some attention in my new neighborhood!!

Great time that night.. although Friday was a disaster..

Thanks to Tia, Tom and Gang for a great night out!

Crick said...

That restaurant is PACKED at lunch because the food is so good! Who couldn't have fun in that jacket?!?