Saturday, February 21, 2009

A Lady Who Lunches

This pretty much seems to be the theme of my week (other than some deep house cleaning and job searching).  Wednesday I got to take my first trip down to San Jose to Broadcom.  For those who don't know, this is where Scott works.  It was very nice to see the office and have a visual of where Scott works every day.  I spared Scott the embarrassment of picture taking in his place of work so no fun additions for the blog.  

After a tour of the world's most silent office (a far cry from the rambunctious atmosphere of Crocs) we headed to lunch.  I should mention that Scott's office has great gym, cafeteria (the food looked pretty good), and apparently has basketball and tennis courts.  Not a bad place to spend many hours a week.  We opted to surprise Scott's niece, Aimee, at work at Piatti.  It was a terrific lunch (food and company) and I really wish San Jose wasn't quite so far away so we could do it more often.  

Thursday was Ladies Who Lunch.  Lola got to join us again this week for yet another trip to Pita Pit and Crissy Field.  The day was gorgeous but we failed to keep in mind that it had been raining for two days straight prior.  This led to one muddy trip to the park.  Lola was soaked (good thing she got that bath) and Kayla was covered head to toe.  
Kayla playing ball with Lola
Kayla letting the chubbies hang out after losing the muddy pants!

An interesting note about Pita Pit...Chrissie found this yesterday...
Sad :(  Glad we got our last visit in!

Friday, my week of lunching continued.  Scott had meetings downtown and I needed to pay a visit to DSW to get some good walking shoes for Scotland.  So, while he worked, I shopped (yes, mom, I know life isn't always this way-but I was emailing back and forth about a job lead!).  I settled on some nice green Nikes.  I think they will probably attract Prince Harry's attention best!
Scott and I grabbed a quick lunch and I was off to get my hair cut.  It is always scary to go to a new person but I took Chrissie's recommendation and headed down to Mercer Street Salon.  Whew...I LOVE IT.  By the time I finished, Scott was finished with his hair cut too so we stopped for happy hour at Left at Albuquerque's.  A perfect day and evening!

We finished the day by watching Vicky Cristina Barcelona.  We gave it a "B".  I like Woody Allen movies so it kept my attention but was a slow movie in general.  Penelope Cruz definitely kept it interesting and deserves to be nominated (Oscar) for her role...we will see if she wins!  

Busy weekend ahead, time to get started!  

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