Monday, February 23, 2009


Saturday Scott and I journeyed down to Belmont to visit some friends.  Belmont is also where Scott grew up so I got to see his childhood home and hear a lot of great stories.  It was great to see Cru, Jen and the boys...we hadn't seen Lucas and Logan since October-it is crazy how much they have grown!!

Scott's childhood home
While Lucas was snoozing after swim class Logan played fetch with Lola
Lucas woke up and joined us for a little fetch and shared his gingerbread cake he and mom baked...mmmmmmm
Off to Alexander Park for a little playground time

Two notes about the park:
  1. As you can see I turned into a kid again.  I was trying to do all my old Highcroft Elementary acrobatics on the bar.  Apparently I am a little out of practice and it is funny how scary it can seem to throw yourself upside down now.  I also have bruises on the back of my knees from swinging around so much!
  2. Scott had a run in with the law at this park at a mere 6 years old.  He thought it would be a good idea to bang his initials into the brand new metal slide!  Imagine his parents surprise when the police showed up at their door looking for their youngest son! 
Thanks to Cru and Jen for a great afternoon!  

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